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With manufacturers, suppliers and customers in every significant global market, the technology sector continues to grow and fuel societal and economic progress worldwide. Market-driven, private sector-led standards are a core component of that success, providing technical criteria and instructions for methods and approaches that enable different technologies to connect and interoperate. This in turn helps spur the creation of even more innovative products and services.

Global information and communications technology (ICT) standards create value and aggregate markets through technology diffusion, increased productivity, and interoperability. A diverse, nimble ICT standards ecosystem is fundamental to today’s thriving, rapidly evolving global technology environment, enabling innovators and product developers to choose the best solution to meet their needs and to freely revise that choice in response to inevitable changes in technology and market conditions.

A decentralized, voluntary, market-driven standardization system has worked extremely well and will continue to empower ICT innovators to revolutionize the way we work, learn, and play.

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